Natural Nail Manicure 
This basic manicure shapes your natural nails and cares for your cuticles. A natural nail strengthener, polish and quick dry top coat are applied.  $27
Shellac Manicure   
Includes the Natural Nail Manicure (above) with Shellac polish. Shellac is the hybrid of polishes. It goes on like a regular polish but wears like a gel. Shellac protects and gives strength to the nail. This polish can last up to 14 days without chipping or peeling.  $42
Express Mani
This mini service shapes your nails and includes polishing. Ideal for in-between Natural Nail and Luxury Manicures.  $15
Paraffin Hand Treatment
Hands are immersed in a warm paraffin bath for a therapeutic effect. This treatment helps to improve circulation, allows for maximum moisture penetration to hydrate dry hands and cuticles and eases muscle soreness and arthritic pain.
A great compliment to our Natural Nail Manicure.  $15
French Polishing  $10
Nail Art  From $10